My child is going to be absent, what should I do?

Please make sure you inform the office as soon as possible – before 9:15am. The easiest way is to use the Absence Form on our school app.

My child has been sick at home, how long should they be off school? 

Your child should be off school for 48 hours from the last time they vomited.

What time can I drop my child off at school? 

Breakfast Club starts at 7:30am; Drop Off Club at 8:30am. Children will be supervised on the school grounds by a member of staff from 8:50am. If your child arrives at school before this time, and isn’t in Breakfast or Drop Off Club, you must ensure they are suitably supervised.

How do I get the app?

Please call the Office and Mrs. Barnes or Miss Stedman will take the necessary details from you. You will then receive an invite to register.

My app has logged me out, what do I do?

When you registered for the app, you will have created your own password. Search for our school and enter your email address and password.

How do I get in touch with my child’s teacher?

We have an Open Door policy at The Willows, please feel free to see your child’s teacher after school. Alternatively you can speak to the Office who can make an appointment for you; or email them directly using the app.