I’m A Year 6, Get Me Out Of Here! Survival Day

On Thursday 2nd December, Year 6 held their highly anticipated I’m A Year 6, Get Me Out Of Here Survival Day. 

The main focus of this adventure day was to enhance the learning the children have done about survival this half term in their topic, to give them the opportunity to make their large-scale shelters that they have designed in D.T. and to develop team skills, participating in the dreaded Bush Tucker Trials.

After gathering in the Forest School area, the children were divided into small groups to make their survival shelters that they have designed in D.T. lessons leading up to the event. The children were given a range of materials like bamboo poles, long willow sticks, tarpaulins, camo netting, pallets, plastic crates, accessories like tent pegs, para-cord, scissors, tape and access to tools like saws (under close supervision). Once the children had selected their materials, they set off creating their shelters as a team. It was great to see the creativity and constructive conversations taking place – the children worked together brilliantly and all got really involved.

After all of the hard work on the shelters and a little chance to make them cosy ahead of using them as a base for the rest of the day, we stopped to make smores which we wrapped in foil and toasted on the open fire! The first Bush Tucker Trial soon followed, which was gutter ball! The children were split into two teams, which would be their team for all of the trials, and had three attempts to connect small pieces of guttering together to roll a tennis ball down. It was of course not that easy though, as the children had to go 100 metres without dropping the ball, which meaqnt they had to frantically join the end of the line quickly before the ball got there to extend the track. Blue and Green house teams were together forming team one, which failed on all three attempts. The read and yellow team however, managed all three attempts successfully, giving them an early three star to nothing lead!

The second trial followed soon after, which was an orienteering trial. The team which found the 12 controls and wrote down the correct codes first were to be crowned the winners. I was amazed at well the children had remembered to orientate a map and look for key features – they had completed it within 10 minutes and reds and yellows grabbed the 5 stars on offer again!

The children had a final 10 minutes then to fix their shelters and make them weatherproof, strong and roomy enough for 4 people – all key aspects of our design brief in D.T. In order to test the shelters, their loving teacher first did the push test, where i mimicked a violent storm and shook the shelters to see if they stood up to heavy gusts. With all the shelters intact, the bucket test came next! Buckets of water were thrown at / on top of the children’s shelters to test how waterproof they were. Thankfully, the water was very warm as there were a few very wet children!

One of the most daunting trials was up next – the feely trial. 6 containers held 6 different disgusting substances that the children had to put their hands into while blindfolded to find the stars. One brave contestant from each team stepped forward for each challenge, where they had to find the tiny star in all of the slop and goo! There was a container each filled with: Mushed plum tomatoes, baked beans, rice crispies (with wet hands), wet leaves, jelly and cooked spaghetti with frothed fairy liquid. It was hilarious listening to the children’s reactions and funny to see a lot of the children back away that had initially said they were up for the challenge. 

Our final trial before lunch was a quiz. The 2 teams were each split into 3 mini teams, with the points for the three mini teams being added up and the winning team overall taking another 5 stars. The reds and yellows reigned supreme again, taking the five stars in a 54 to 47 point victory. We will be working more on our geography soon – apparently, the longest river in the world is the River Nigel! 

After the children explored our wonderful Forest School area and played in their shelters while having lunch, we came to the final trial (which took most of the afternoon!), the dreaded EATING TRIAL! The children were so excited, and I had made sure that there were even more horrible delicacies on offer this year. In fact, there were 18 different foods that the children had to face, giving every child the option to participate if they wished. There were: Tripe, pickled eggs, pickled onions, rollmop herrings, whole squid which the children had to bite all of the tentacles off, squid rings, locusts, mealworms, crickets, chillies, whole fish (eyeballs and all!), whelks, chicken paste, lambs liver, lambs kidney and more! You can see fom the pictures attached to this post, that the children’s reactions were priceless. They deserve a huge amount of credit though, they gave most foods a good go, even the rollmop herring which was enormous! On final count, the blue and green team had pulled back quite a few stars, but it wasn’t enough to take the victory – the yellows and reds were victorious and were crowned kings and queens of the school!

Everyone involved had an amazing day. The children not only had fun, but they worked together as a team brilliantly, they pushed themselves past their comfort zones in different trials and enhanced their learning from their survival topic in different, creative ways. Another huge success. 

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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
Telephone: 01772 684 371 | Email: [email protected]

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