Curriculum Music

We love being a musical school. All children are taught curriculum music by our specialist music teacher Miss Mallinson. In lessons they are given the opportunity play, sing, compose, listen, appraise and perform. Much of the work is again linked to cross-curricular topics, but musical skills are clearly emphasised in each lesson.

We offer brass, violin, cello and woodwind lessons to pupils from Year 3 upwards and all children in Year 4 are given the opportunity to learn a brass instrument, free of charge, as part of our Brass 4 All initiative.

Brass 4 All

For one year, while the children are in Year 4 everyone learns to play a brass instrument with Mr. Squires Evans from JSE Music Service. We learn to sing and play together and enjoy performing at our termly concerts.


We have a growing orchestra who meet together each Tuesday under the guidance of Mr Squires Evans (our brass teacher) and Mrs Green (a volunteer). They have already performed at a number of events in school.


The choir is made up of over sixty children from our Year 3 to Year 6 classes; children of all ages, abilities and talents – singing together, enjoying music and taking part in an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

It is led by two specialist music teachers, Mrs. Spacey and Miss Mallinson, who rehearse on a Friday afternoon – working tirelessly to prepare the children not only for performances in school but also for community events. The choir have performed at rest homes in the run up to the Christmas season, at the local garden centre, at our Grandparents’ Coffee Morning in school and recently took part in the competition ‘Last Choir Singing’.

Instrument Tuition

We offer instrument tuition to all children from Year 3 onwards. These lessons cost £5.00 per week and the children are taught by specialist teachers in small groups. The children enjoy performing at assemblies and in their termly concerts.

Brass Tuition

Mr Squires Evans visits our school every week to teach brass. We currently have 18 children learning to play either the cornet, trumpet, baritone, horn or trombone.

String Tuition

Our strings are also taught by Mr Squires Evans. We can learn to play the violin or the cello. We currently have 12 children learning to play stringed instruments.


Mr Irwin teaches woodwind. We have children learning to play the flute, the clarinet or the saxophone. Currently we have 20 children learning to play a woodwind instrument.