Our Positions of Responsibility

This week, our Year 6 children gave their speeches to apply for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl. At The Willows, we strongly believe all the children in Year 6 have the capability of being our Head Boy or Head Girl. Since the start of term, Year 6 have been busily preparing their speeches. As a class, we looked at how to overcome the fears of public speaking and some techniques to make our speaking even better.

Following the speeches, every child and every adult in school voted, in a closed ballot, for who they would like to be our Head Boy and Head Girl. The votes were counted by late afternoon and then results announced in assembly.

Head Boy – Elliot
Head Girl – Alexandra
Deputy Head Boys – Gerard and Oliver
Deputy Head Girl – Alice
Head Buddy – Eahlden
Club Leader – Cathy Holt

St. John House Captains – Lewis and Lilly-May
St Teresa House Captains – Isaac and Ruby
St Joseph House Captains – Alfie and Emilie
St Cecilia – Matilda and Zach