Super Year 4 Netballers!

On Tuesday 19th September, 6 children from Year 4 took part in the Carr Hill Fylde Year 3 and 4 Netball Tournament. The event took place at Carr Hill High school in the Sports Dome against 8 other local primary schools.

The tournament started off without using formal positions, rather using the space provided and working the ball up the pitch to score. Our accuracy shooting saw us beat out first two opponents, before progressing to using positions and only being allowed to enter certain areas of the court depending on our position. The children have clearly worked very hard on their netball tactics with Mrs McKee, as they again raced to victory before narrowly losing the fourth match of the afternoon. Our final game saw us first on the court, in a makeshift final against the other top performing school of the afternoon. This time, the children used a full sized pitch and had to play with all 7 other schools watching. They held their nerve however, ending the afternoon with a victory and rightly very proud of themselves.

Well done children, we are very proud of your sporting achievements!