Tower Wood 2021

Tower Wood!

Between the 4th and 8th October, our Year 6 children will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime… They’ll be spending the week at Tower Wood.

We’ve got lots of different activities lined up and the food promises to be absolutely fantastic as ever!

Whilst we obviously want the children to have fun, we also want them to learn while we are at Tower Wood. We have given the instructors a list of things we would like everyone to develop:

  • To become more independent, taking responsibility for our own organisation and actions.
  • To develop a sense of resilience – keeping going even when things may seem tough or too hard
  • To take ‘safe’ risks when we might not know what will happen
  • To step outside of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to do new or harder things.

Check out the updates and the photos below.

Monday 4th October

A wonderful first day at Tower Wood draws to a close. After the coach journey, the children met their instructors and spent time exploring their new home for the week. Once bags were unpacked, beds were made and instructors had given the children a brief tour, we had lunch and prepared for an afternoon of activities.

In our afternoon session, team work, communication and perseverance were key. The children faced a series of group challenges and problem solving challenges in their 4 activity groups. The children worked as a team and had to refine their strategy and communicate effectively during ‘gutter ball’, where they negotiated a tennis ball down a series of gutters to  a distant target. When faced with a 9 foot wall that the whole team had to get over, it was great seeing the strength and strategy on show. The children later had to persevere and keep going in the rain when finding orienteering controls hidden in the woods. Staff and instructors were very impressed how quickly the children picked up how to read a key and orientate a map effectively. Afternoon activities were rounded off with a trip to the low ropes – a low level obstacle course where the children had to work together to navigate and travel around safely. This was no easy feat given how slippy the equipment was!

Our evening meal was most welcomed, and the children devoured the curry and sponge pudding which was on offer! Our evening has been rounded off by playing manhunt around the grounds of Tower Wood, enjoying hot chocolate, cookies and a film as well as playing several rounds of hide and seek inside the house before bed.

Tuesday 5th October

If you saw the weather forecast for today, you knew a wet and windy day was in store – but we didn’t let that stop us! After a full English breakfast and as much cereal as the children could eat, the groups met with their instructors to prepare for the day ahead and pack appropriately! It has to be said, the children did a great job organising their kit and clothing and gave us adults quite the surprise!

Three of our four groups headed out in the minibuses in the direction of Coniston, to visit the incredible quarries and mines at Little Langdale. Cathedral Quarry, aptly named due to the enormous hole in the roof looking out on to the nearby hillsides which perfectly resembles a stained-glass window, is a labyrinth of tunnels and passage ways deep underground. The children from Mr. Sharrock’s, Mrs. Spacey’s and Miss Stedman’s groups all showed amazing perseverance walking to and navigating the many tunnels, especially given the weather. We were also really impressed with the children’s bravery and how supportive they were of each other when asked to find their way out of the pitch-black mines without a torch. Mr Sharrock’s and Mrs Spacey’s groups both ended the day ghyll scrambling up Tilberthwaite Ghyll. Again, the children showed tremendous bravery and teamwork helping each other climb upstream over rocks, rapids and waterfalls. Mr. Wylde’s group remained on site at Tower Wwood for the day, spending the morning on Windermere, kayaking and completing team challenges on the giant paddleboard. As if it was not wet enough with the weather, many of the children found their way into the water at the hands of one challenge or another! Mr. Wylde’s group then spent the afternoon climbing on site, where they showed excellent resilience in order to better their climbing skills time after time.

After an evening meal of burgers, chips and apple turnovers, we have decided to have an indoor evening in a bid to let our waterproofs, shoes and equipment dry out in the drying room overnight. The children will have a choice of two films, before playing hide and seek around the house, having our hot chocolate and supper and reading out more embarrassing parent messages.

Wednesday 6th October

Today has been another wonderful day at Tower Wood. The sun was shining when we woke up and it stayed out all day! All four groups have done the same activities today, just in different orders.

Today was our Adventure Day. This activity is designed to really push the children’s personal resilience – the hills in the Lake District are big and our lake journey is long. That being said, all of the children have canoed from Tower Wood all the way to the bottom of the Windermere (or the other way round) which is about 3 miles. They have also summited a ‘mountain’ – Gummers How. It was wonderful to hear the children shouting from the top, “I’m on top of the world.”

As you can see from the photos, the views from the top of the ‘mountain’ were incredibly and we sincerely hope this will foster a love of walking and the outdoors that lasts for the rest of their lives.

When we returned to Tower Wood, we had sausage, mash and sweetcorn for tea followed by trifle – minus the alcohol.

This evening we have toasted marshmallows on a campfire, played Manhunt in the woods as well our daily supper of hot chocolate and a cookie.

Every year, by Wednesday we find the children are all shattered and so we’ve had an early (ish) night. Everyone was in bed and asleep by 10:00pm!

The children have loved the messages from the parents – thank you to everyone who has sent them. Please don’t worry if you are struggling to find some photos of your child, we do have more but unfortunately the WiFi here at Tower Wood is very slow and uploading all of the photos takes hours. We’re doing our best to get as many as possible online.

Thursday 7th October

As today was our last full day of activities we’ve definitely made the most of it. Mr. Wylde’s group have been to Cathedral Quarry and spent some time in the caves. They learned about how the miners made the holes in the slate and then packed gunpowder into them before using a charge to create a big explosion so the slate could be processed and then sold. They also spent time in the caves and found out that if you snap a polo in complete darkness, it actually emits a tiny flash of light.

The other three groups have stayed at Tower Wood and been kayaking, on the tree climbs and had a go at the Leap of Faith. All of these activities give the children the opportunity to work as a team but also push themselves to be resilient and keep going, even if they are scared.

We’ve experienced a lot of liquid sunshine today however with our waterproofs and boots on we haven’t let that phase us in the slightest.

We’ve had another wonderful meal of spaghetti bolognese followed by apple crumble and ice cream! Mr. Wylde is convinced he’s put on a stone whilst he’s been here!

This evening we’ll be playing Headhunters before embarking on the Herculean task of packing 32 children’s suitcases to return home tomorrow afternoon.

Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to today.

Friday 8th October

Well we’re on our way home from Tower Wood. The coach is significantly quieter than it was on Monday morning.

We have had an excellent week and made plenty of memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Today, all of the groups were tasked with creating a floating craft from a few pieces of timber, barrels and some rope. After our instructors taught us some basic knots we got to work on designing and building our craft. Surprisingly, each groups raft floated and didn’t sink when the group piled on.

Tim, one of our instructors led us in some challenges – the first being paddling in a straight line.

After a good paddle around we packed the rafts away and then came the moment we’d all been waiting for… jumping in the lake and having a swim. As you can see from the photos we very much enjoyed this and we loved that Mr. Sharrock joined in too.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to our families for enabling us to come to Tower Wood. We have really enjoyed ourselves; learned lots of new skills as well as growing in confidence. Likewise, we’d like to thank Mrs. Spacey, Miss Stedman, Mr. Sharrock and Mr. Wylde for taking us. They have all worked incredibly hard to give us a great experience and have not stopped once – anyone who thinks taking children to Tower Wood is wrong, it isn’t!

We hope you enjoy looking at the 600 photos that have been taken this week!

Thankyou to all the staff, Ben has had the best week. Very tired now though. You all deserve a medal. Thank you so much. Enjoy your weekend and relax with a beer. The Harrison family

Just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers and staff. Dana has had an amazing time and might actually be in bed for a reasonable hour for once!

Hi Scarlett, What an amazing time you are having! We are really proud of you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Your penguins are waiting for you! Lots of love, Dad, Mum and James X X X X

Hey Dana hope you have a fantastic final night, we can’t wait to see you tomorrow we have lots of snacks ready for a horror movie night, if you can stay awake!! Lots of love Mummy, Daddy, Vada and the Catkins xx

Hey Ava. Hope you are still having a great time, looks like it! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your time at Tower Wood, thankyou to all the staff. Love you lots. From all of us xxxx

Hi Victori, we are looking every day on your photos, and can see how wonderful time you have there with your friends. We all love you so much, and can’t wait to hear All your memories. Grandma, grandad, Jana, Sebastian, Eva, Júlia, Matus Julo, Patrik, Ivka and Nathalia!

Hi Shannon, my word, what an amazing and exceptional journey you are undertaking. You will certainly remember this time for many years to come. I know you are loving every minute of it out there and you are conquering all of the activities that you said you would never be able to do. You should be very proud of yourself, well done. Just please don’t decide you want to take up “canoeing” though as a hobby, because canoes aren’t cheap and you’d have to make do with just an oar and armbands! I just want to also say a massive thank you to all of our wonderful teachers who are helping to make dreams come true and build up a memorable and heartwarming chapter in all of our children’s lives. Take care sweet pea, miss you loads and see you soon. Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Granny, Uncle Stevie, Auntie Juliet, Lily, Poppy and CocoaXxx

Hi Ethan, Hope you’ve had another fun filled day making memories to share with us all when you get back 🙂 I’m keeping dad, grandma, granny and grandad updated and they all send their love. Make the most of the time you have left there. Always thinking of you son and I’m so proud of you. Love you to the moon and back, love you more than the world xx

Hi gorgeous girl!! Hope you’re having a fabulous time you’ve looked forward to tower wood for 2 years!! We love you and miss you…. It’s very quiet here without you but Rocky ebony and Simba are fine See you soon. Love you morest. Mummy xx

Hi Victoria, I hope you have enjoyed your adventures! Can’t believe you are on day 3 already. It’s so quiet at home without you. Sending you a huge cuddle! Miss you and love you so much! Have fun and enjoy your last 2 days!Mum , Dad and Rocco xxxx

Hi Chloé, looks like you are having so much fun, lovely to see that amazing smile… Missing you so so much… Grandma and Grandad send lots of love too…
Love you Mum and Willow xxx xxx xxx

Sis some times I think about you. Lots of love from your brother Patrick xx

Hello Everyone! Wow what a amazing day of adventures you all had , l am so jealous of you having to eat the apple turnovers , they are my favourite! Maja l can see from the pictures you are having lots of fun , we are so happy that you are enjoying yourself and having a great time with all your friends. The house feels so quiet without you. Sandy slept in your bed last night, l think she just wanted to have your comfy bed to herself! Have a great evening. We miss you a lot! Mum , dad , Conrad and Sandy xxx

Hi Ben. Sounds like your all having a fab time x the house is very quiet without you xx miss you loads xx

Hi Charlotte, hope day 2 has been fun and you’ve dried out! It looks like you are all having a great time! Love from Mum, Dad & Eleanor xxx

Hi Dillan, I hope you’re having a fantastic time. I’m missing you already! xx

Hi Chloé Hope you are having an amazing time… Photos look like you are… Missing you so much Mum and Willow xxx xxx

Looks like your having a great time Amelia, loving seeing the pictures of what your getting up to. The house seems strange and quiet with out you! Keep having lots of fun. Love you, Mum, Dad n Dexter Xx

Hi Scarlett. It sounds like you have had an amazing first day, keep it up! We can’t wait to hear all about it on Friday, we miss you, love Mum, Dad and James xxx

Yesterday looked so much fun! X

Hi Charlotte, we’ve told Mr Wylde you’re not allowed any ‘all-nighters’ we know you will be disappointed!! Hope you all have a great few days, love Mum, Dad & Eleanor xxx

Hope you’re having fun Evie-Marie, can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Lots of Love Mum, Dad and Patrick x

Hi Shannon, Don’t worry, I did promise you that we wouldn’t embarrass you!!! We would all like to wish you a wonderful “venture of a lifetime”. You will have the best time ever enduring all the wonderful activities that you have never encountered before. We are all so very proud of you. Grab the bull by it’s horns and “GO GIRL”. You will  look back on this fabulous experience and smile. Stay safe, enjoy and make fond memories. Love you lots “like jelly tots!”. Sorry, I just had to sneak that in. Tee Hee Xxx, infinity xxxxxx…… All our love, Mum, Dad, Granny, Uncle Stevie and Auntie Juliet, Lily, Poppy and Cocoa.

Have a great time and thank you all the staff for giving up their time to organise and look after everyone. X

Hi Aleksandra (Fluffy Angel ), it’s very quiet without you, Alicia does not like it and she wants you back already! Have a lovely time with your friends. We miss you a lot. Love from Mummy, Daddy and Alicia. P.s We will tickle you when you come back until you can laugh no more xxxx

Thank you to all the staff for giving Jack one of the best weeks of his life and taking such good care of him, even if you did throw him in the Lake!! What an incredible week you’ve all had, I feel so emotional him telling him everything he has done and how incredible it’s been…thank you so much xxx Now enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend, I don’t know how you have all managed, I struggle with 3 boys… Thank you again from all the Holden’s xxx especially the littlest one, he’s very happy to have his big brother home.

Hi all, Is it possible we could have a picture of you all together please. Mr Wilde, Mr Sharrock, Miss Steadman and Mrs Spacey please. We have wonderful pictures of all the class but i think it would also be nice to see one of you all as you to deserve recognition for all your hard work and dedication towards making this Tower Wood Trip 2021 as successful as all the others. Without you, we wouldn’t have all the exceptional pictures and informative write ups for us all to follow. Thank you very much.

Hello gorgeous girl!! Daddy’s car broke down tonight outside our house so I’m here at Karate. So Rocky and I went on the beach and he had a great time in the sea!! Not long to go now make the most of your last night. Love you and miss you. Mum Connor and Rocky xxxxx

Hi Shannon, Well I suppose this will be our last message to you at Tower Wood!!! It’s quite sad really for you to be leaving such a wonderful and exciting place,where you will have had an adventure of a lifetime and made some amazing memories. It isn’t sad however that you are coming home because we have missed you immensely,and we couldn’t be any prouder of you. We know that you will have got so much out this trip and it’s a wonder your face isn’t aching from all your beautuful smiles! Have a safe journey home all of you and we will see you tomorrow Shannon and I guess that you cannot wait for a rest!!! All our love as always: Mum, Dad, Granny, Uncle Stevie, Auntie Juliet, Lilly, Poppy and Cocoa. xxx

Hey Monkey! The house is soo quiet without you(sad face). Can’t wait to see you. It looks like you are all having an awesome time! The pictures of you and Alex soaking wet by the boats made me giggle. Tom also sends his love. I hope your knee is okay and not giving you too much grief. Love always from Mother bear, Tom, Grandma&Grandad, Apollo, Kiko, Kiesza, Rocket, Ennard and Nemo.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Lucas, The pictures look awesome and you all seem to be enjoying yourselves I hope you continue to have a fantastic time and that you create some more great memories I just wish I was there doing the activities with you and I look forward to you coming home. Lots of love, Dad

Wow looks like your all having an amazing time!! We’re very jealous Amelia, everything looks great fun, even in the rain! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Keep enjoying every minute of it, can’t wait to see you… Love Mum, Dad n Dex Xx

Hope you are having a wonderful time Farrah and enjoying your time away with your friends, Miss you loads and cannot wait for cuddles, Mummy loves u so much, Lots of love from mummy, luke, mason and reggie xxxx

Hi Charlotte, we hope you’ve had a good day, we know how much you enjoy long walks!!! The week is flying by, have a great day tomorrow. Love from Mum, Dad & Eleanor xxx

Hey Dana hope you are having fun, vada wanted to tell you that she sat with Micah for music today, they had lots of fun. Just a warning that Salem might be smelly as he fell in the toilet and got stuck today!! Missing you lots, mummy, daddy vada and the catkins xx

Hi Anna BananaBum, hope you’re having a great time, we’re enjoying the peace :-). The house is very quiet without you! Look forward to seeing you Friday, Zach say’s he wishes you were staying another week(only joking). Hope you’ve been getting plenty of sleep and not too much chattering. Love from your favourites, BethBot & FrankZapper

Hi everyone, it is lovely looking at all the photos and seeing everyone having wonderful time! We would love to see some pictures of Aleksandra’s group. Have a lovely Wednesday, the weather is looking great !

Hey Dillan and the rest of year 6! I hope your having an amazing time. The house is very quiet without you. I am very jealous, the activities look ace! Sorry that we wasn’t allowed to sneak midnight treats in your bag 🙂 maybe an Indulge when your back… I hope they are all behaving and having fun Mr Wylde! Love, Dad, Mum, Lilly and Nala 🙂

Hello Holly, We are all missing you millions and I’ve been reading all about your adventures so far! I know you’ll be having such a great time. Enjoy every moment and I hope everyone is really enjoying themselves. Love you lots Holly! Lots of love Mum, Katie and Thomas xxx

I can’t wait to see you Frankie. We are all missing you lots, Mum and Dad are just not as much fun as you! I hope you’re having a fabulous time lots of love from Ruby xxx

Hi Christopher hope your having a great time. And hope there more fun to come weatherman said it’s going to get warmer.

Hi Victoria, I’ve seen the pictures and I can tell that you’re having a fantastic time! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. Rocco has been looking for you everywhere, last night he slept on your bed. Love you and miss you so much! Mum, Dad and Rocco xxx

Hi everyone hope your having a good time you all look very happy ! keep smiling and having fun Charlie Love you ! Mum Dad and Archie xxxx

Hope your having a lovely time Kayden. Love from mum and Tyler xxxx

Hey Ava hope you are all having a wonderful time, see you soon and can’t wait to hear all about it. Love from Mum, Tom, Milly, Alice and Milo xxx

Have a great time everyone!

Just a quick one to say a massive thank you to all the staff who have helped give the children an amazing week which will always be in the memories!! Can’t even imagine the effort it must take and it really is appreciated!! Hope you’ve had a good week as well and have a well deserved rest over the weekend and thank you!!

Hi Charlotte, we have missed you this week and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!! Love from Mum, Dad & Eleanor xxx

Hi Anna, we can’t wait to see you tomorrow & hear all about your amazing adventures (that is if your not too tired!!) We’ve been reading the updates & looking at the pictures put up each night – it looks like your all having a fantastic time making lots of memories. Love you lots. Mum, Dad, Beth, Zach & Bonnie xxxxx P. S. Bonnie is missing you lots & was in your room looking for you before x

Hi Maja, we are so praud of you for taking part of all these activities!! I am not sure if l would be brave enough to go in the cave where you can’t see anything! We are so excited for you trying all these things together with your friends. The views from the top of the mountain were incredibile. It sounds like a proper survival school you are all having! We are missing you a lot and the house just don’t feel right without you. Have a good last night and we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Love Mum, Dad, Conrad and Sandy xxx

What an adventure Evie-Marie, can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re home. The pictures are amazing. Keep having the most amazing time. We miss you. Lots of love. Mum, Dad, Patrick and Misty xxx

Hi Aleksandra, how lovely is to seeing your smiley face! I really wish I was there doing all the fun things you are up to (apart from kayaking, eating sausages and coming close to those brown, furry monsters!). We can’t wait to hear about your adventures. P.s we have postponed making bread until you are back. It’s not fun without you Fluffy Angel. Love you to the moon and back, mama, daddy and Alicia xx.

Another fun day full of adventures!! Gummers How is beautiful and hard to climb!! Just wanted to say how proud we are of you Ethan and all of the year 6’s. we hope you are all still enjoying and the teachers are all having fun as-well!! Hope you’ve still got some energy left for Clip n Climb Saturday for Amelia’s birthday! Enjoy your last night and day tomorrow, love you xx

Hi Mason, It looks like you are having a fab time and are doing some great activities! I wish I could do some of them! The house is very quiet and we miss you (even Esme is asking about you) I can’t wait to hear all it about it when you are home. Lots of love from all of us xxxx

Hi Aleksandra, hope you have had another busy and full of adventures day. Every Wednesday evening is “you and daddy time” but with you being away he didn’t know what to do with himself ,so he decided to come to Ascent to watch your sister jumping up and down. We are going to bake some bread tonight and I promise, we will save some for you. Love from all of us xx

Hi Lucas, hope you are being good and well behaved? We are reading the updates and looking at the photos every night. You need to put a bright coloured bobble hat on as we are struggling to spot you in the sea of blue coats! Missing you lots and lots. Love Mum, Dad Amber and Iz.

Hi Charlie ! wow you look like you had the best time canoeing ! loved the photos ! I miss hearing you sing your head of to Ed Sheeran morning to night !! love you loads and miss you ! Love mum dad and Archie xx

Hiya Brandon, it’s quiet here without constant reruns of The Simpsons on!! Missing you!! Yesterday looked like loads of fun but you were camera shy!! Have an awesome day, loads of love from us all xxxx

Hi Shannon, Sorry,but we have just been trying to catch up with everything you’ve all been doing! We don’t think you could give us a bigger smile if you tried!.We are all so proud of you and what you are achieving, and a huge well done to you all. Miss you and love you loads Shannon xxx from the same as before!!! P.S you forgot to turn cocoa’s tube round the right way, he couldn’t get into his gym! Xxx

Hope you all dry out! Sending lots of love to James from all of us especially baby Nancy. X Mum x

Hope your having a wonderful time! We can’t wait to hear all the stories. It is quiet without you Chloe! Lots of love Mum Dad Emily Sophie

Hi smell hope your not missing me too much, love you lots cait xx

Can’t wait to hear all your adventure when you get back Evie. Looks like your all having a great time, even the adults.

Hiya Chloe hope your having a fantastic time .and having an amazing time with your friends..Love dad xx

Hi Ethan, from the photos I can see you’re having an amazing time. Have fun, be kind and enjoy making memories with your friends. Love you to the moon and back. Mum, dad, granny, grandma and grandad xx

Morning all, what a fabulous first day you all had!! Have a great second day…can’t wait to see the photos later today. We love you Jack xx Oscar can not work out where you are, keeps asking to go back to school to collect you, he’s confused and missing you, we all are xx

Hi Niamh, Hope you’ve had a good 1st day? Don’t snore too loudly tonight! Love Us x

Hi everyone, have an amazing time! Looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures. Thank-you to the lovely staff who are taking part and giving up their own time to allow our children this great adventure. Brandon, it feels quiet here without you and it feels very strange but we know you will have the most amazing time! Kimberley says hi Xx

Have a fantastic time everyone x

Hello Farrah! It looks as though you are having a fabulous time! Enjoy every minute, Love Grandma.

Wow you look like you are having a great time what full days lots of love nana and gramps the boys xxx

Hi Ethan, yesterday’s photos looked great. I’m impressed that you’ve done all that hiking when a short walk anywhere would usually be the end of the world i can’t wait to see you tomorrow, the washing…not so much. Love you to the moon and back xx

Hi Victoria! First of all, I would like to say thank you to the teachers and all the staff for giving up their time to look after children during their stay. I am so happy for you Victoria that you have experienced so many adventures and create a wonderful memories with your friends! I can’t express enough how much I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Love you !!! Sending you lots of hugs! Mum, Dad and Rocco xxxxxxxxx

Hi Chloé, looks like you have had a fantastic time so far, so looking forward to hearing all about your adventures… Love you lots Mum xxx times 100

Hi Evie x Looks like your all having an amazing time.make the most of the rest of your trip x be brave, be kind and have fun x It’s really quiet at home without you xxx Love you so much mum & Dad xxxxx

So glad the sun has come out for you guys, what great photos. You have certainly had fun filled days and are going to be shattered if 10pm was an early night…
We hope you are having a great time Jack, we all love and miss you lots, especially Oscar, I’m sure he thinks you are stuck in school still, even Toby said he is missing you xx it’s very strange at home without you, love you lots we are so proud of you, mum, Dad, Toby and Oscar xxxx

What a great achievement guys. You have all done so well so far and already past the half way mark. It looks really fun and I am looking forward to all the stories. Not one iPad or phone in sight. Maja you look like you are having a great time. We are missing you and looking forward to you coming home. My snacks seem to be lasting longer whilst you are away . Enjoy the rest of your time and make the most of every moment. Love Dad

Hello Niamh, Mum has been showing us the photographs and it looks like everyone is having a great time. We really like the one of you all in the cave with the candle. We’re really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures on Friday when you come after school! Lots and lots of love Nanny and Grandpa

Hi Scarlett, looks like you had another amazing day yesterday, I love the pictures of you in the cave. As promised last night here are all our kisses. Keep it up and we can’t wait to see you kn Friday love, Mum, Dad and James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What a fantastic time you look like your having Ethan!! Loving seeing all the photos, your water activities looked great fun! Hope you are ok and looking forward to seeing you Friday xx

Hello Evie-Marie, you look like you’re having the best time, we miss you loads, I bet you enjoyed that apple turnover last night. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Patrick and Misty

Hi Scarlett, Mum says your having a great time. Make the most of it as I will be annoying you when you get home and will beat you at chess! See you Friday. Love James x

Hi Aleksandra, we miss you, all of us , specially Alicia but when she woke up this morning, first thing she said was: “I slept like a queen “ I think you know why she said that ;). Hope you had a lovely day and didn’t get blown away. Love from Mama, Damdam and Alicia xx

Hi Lucas. Hope you are having a fab time. It’s so quiet without you!! Even Amber is missing being disturbed when she’s trying to snooze. Be good, remember your manners and enjoy your experience.

Hey Dana, we are missing you lots, we have loved looking the pictures it looks like you are all having an amazing time! We hope you enjoy every second and don’t tell too many scary stories. Can’t wait to see you on Friday love Mum, Dad, Vada and the Catkins family. Willow and Salem say meow, peanut says gobble gobble 🙂

Hi Katie, Just letting you know that we are missing you. Bet you are having a nice time. Rocky was waiting for you before he went to bed last night see you soon. Connor

Missing my little bestie Hope you’re having an awesome time! Please make sure you are using your knee support in activities only and taking it off before bed. Sending lots of love and cuddles from me, Grandma&GrandadKiko, Rocket, Ennard, Nemo and Apollo. XxxxxxxxxxxxxX

Dana I have missed you sooooo much and I wanted to tell you what peanut did, first when I was in the bath she started playing with the toilet paper then got it in her mouth and ran it downstairs all the way to the kitchen! I’m excited for you to get back as Nana has something waiting for you.

Hi Ethan. What a brilliant first day you and the rest of year 6 have had!! It looks fantastic !! Have a great time making lots of memories and trying new things! can’t wait to hear all about it…and no doubt all the lovely food!! Love you xx

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a great first day!! Enjoy every moment, these memories you will treasure for a life time. We are all missing you Jack, especially Oscar…he kept asking to go back to school to collect you, he was very upset xx We love you lots, have fun and take care, love Mum, Dad, Toby and Oscar xxxx

Have a great time everyone x Missing you already ben x have fun !!! Love you lots x and Charlie xxx

Hi sidder. Missing you already. Tell brudder to play brudder to ball with me. Love you. Rocky. Xx

Hi Victoria, glad you got there safe. I hope you are having a great time with your friends. We are missing you already! Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Rocco! xxx

Hey Anna, hope you’re having a fantastic time. Looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday! Love you lots Prinny Mum, Dad, Beth, Zach & Bonnie (your favourite) xxxxx

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