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World Book Day!!!

We’ve had a spectacular World Book Day! Check out the photos and information below to see what we’ve been up to!

Key Stage 1

What a fabulous day we have had in the Infants!

We started the day with our Family Fun World Book Day session. Families came into school and took part in lots of different activities all around the theme of Julia Donaldson books. It was lovely to see so many families, the children really enjoyed starting our World Book Day celebrations with you.

The infants continued to celebrate the books of Julia Donaldson throughout the day. Children were put into mixed groups and worked through a carousel of activities.

Miss Ashworth read the story ‘Paper Dolls’ and children enjoyed making their own paper dolls as well as making and decorating biscuits. Miss Forshaw and Miss Duffy read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ and children took part in sequencing the story and making hats. Miss Cross, Miss Flower and Miss Dugdale read the story ‘Tiddler’. Children were excited to make starfish with food and glitter and also create fish paintings with bubble wrap. Mrs Aris and Mr McKeown read the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and children learnt a song all about The Gruffalo. Children also enjoyed eating scrambled snake (popcorn), Gruffalo teeth (mini marshmallows), Owl Ice-Cream (squirty cream) and Gruffalo tusks (French fries crisps).

The children collected all their Julia Donaldson work in a plastic wallet and have taken this home to share with you all.

The children and staff worked incredibly hard and had such a rewarding, fun day. Thank you for your continued support, the children looked fantastic in their costumes.

Year 3

In Year 3 we read the next chapter of our ‘King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’ book that is retold by Marcia Williams, which was all about ‘Excalibur’. The children read the story together and we discussed the series of events in the story. Also, the children had discussions about the characters and compared their thoughts of each character to other versions of the story. Then, the children performed a role play of the conversation between King Arthur and Sir Pellinore before they fought. The children wrote down ideas in their books and used ‘knightly language’ (the language that the knights would have used) to make their role play more realistic. Next, it was lights, camera, ACTION! The children paired up and performed to the rest of the class; role playing the characters of King Arthur and Sir Pellinore. It was spectacular!

In the afternoon, we had a reading corner filled with all the children’s books that they had brought in, a ‘Search for the Word’ corner where children created their own word searches relating to the book they had brought in, a selfie corner where the children drew selfies with their favourite books characters and then a create your own David Walliams character corner. The ideas were absolutely incredible, I may just have to send a few to David Walliams himself!

Overall, it has been a marvellous day in Year 3 on World Book Day, we never wanted it to end and I would like to thank all of my children in Year 3 for making the day so special.

Year 4

We have thought about the titles of the David Walliams books and how he used alliteration for many of them. We have looked at the book covers and talked about how the cover and blurb may encourage someone to read a book. We then designed our own book covers, choosing a title and writing a blurb which we thought would persuade someone to read the book (should we write it!).

We then designed a pop up book, we wrote about one scene from our book Demon Dentist and drew a pop up picture of the scene.

We made up our own word searches, completed a Demon Dentist word search and then got into teams for a Kahoot quiz testing what we could remember from Grandpa’s Great Escape and Demon Dentist books.

Year 5

Year 5 have been doing lots of work this week based on the David Walliams’ book ‘Ratburger’. We have created adverts for Zoe’s dream house and written a short story about smuggling a pet into school. We also had great fun playing some story making games.

Year 6

Parents and families joined the children to share their learning from this week all about our chosen book – Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. The children have written detailed character descriptions and re-written a scene from the story adding dialogue, as well as getting creative and sewing a new cardigan for Granny that housed the children’s writing. During the afternoon session with families, we created word searches and puzzles for our friends and families to answer, pitted our wits against our peers in the Gangsta Granny quiz and tried to identify all of the staff members in the themed ‘guess the teacher’ challenge.

Key Stage 2

Thank you to all of the parents and family members that joined us for our World Book Day celebration between 3.00pm and 3.30pm. The positive feedback from parents, children and staff has been amazing, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the chance to interact with the children within their class setting and share the work that has been completed for World Book Day. Following a David Walliams theme, each class in Key Stage Two chose a different book as their focus – Year Three read ‘World’s Worst Children’, Year 4 read ‘Fing’, Year 5 read ‘Ratburger’ and Year 6 read ‘Gangsta Granny’. Story activities, art work, quizzes, word searches and puzzles were then provided for the children and their families to complete and share during the afternoon session. As you can see from the pictures, this was a very well received event and one we hope to replicate again in the future.

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