Year 3 – Prayer and Liturgy

Year 3 led their first ever whole school prayer and liturgy and were absolutely amazing! They delivered the message to care for God’s Creation confidently and even shared their favourite Creations with us.

The children shared the story of Creation and reflected on why we hear about a holy day in the story. They shared the message to take time to enjoy the beautiful world that God created for us and appreciate all that is good in the world. They then spoke about St Francis of Assisi, someone who devoted his time to caring for God’s Creation and how we can be more like him!

The children then shared the message of Pope Francis’ letter ‘Laudato Si’ and asked the whole school to think about how they can care for God’s Creation and what simple, every day actions each class could make to show that The Willows are trying to live more wisely, think more deeply and love each other more generously.

The children all spoke and sang beautifully and we were all so very proud of them and how reverent they were –  given how excited the children were before they began!