Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s class page…

A very warm welcome from myself, Miss Burdett. Despite what’s going on this year, Year 3 will still be better than ever. The children of Year 3 will still be able to access the entire curriculum, whilst maintaining the safety procedures that are in place for COVID-19. I will ensure that everyone in Year 3 will have the most amazing time learning inside and outside the classroom whilst staying as safe as possible. In addition to this, Year 3 will try their very best to recover the curriculum time that was lost during lockdown. This year will definitely be a year to remember, but in a positive and productive way. 

On this page you will find an up-to-date portfolio of what your incredible children have been up to each half term. I will regularly update it with lots of fabulous photos of your children in action… So keep checking the page for updates!…

I teach Year 3 and with the support of Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Noble. Mrs. Spacey teaches our French lesson on Wednesday morning followed by Miss Mallinson who takes us for music. In addition on a Friday, Mrs. Barnett will be excitingly teaching an RE lesson. 

This term’s Stars!

While Star Award Assemblies may not be as they used to be, we are making sure we still celebrate the hard work, talents and achievements of the children by having a class Star Award celebration on a Friday. Well done to all of our recent Star Award winners.

Things to know about…

Terrific Times Tables – Every week, we are given Times Tables to learn and we are tested on these every Friday. As we know how important they are, we must try to practice them every day so we can do our best!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Spellings – We are given spellings to learn every Friday and then we are tested on these on the following Friday. This is an amazing opportunity to use the Phonics skills we learnt in KS1. 

Everyday Reading – We should read at home (independently or with an adult) every day and it should be logged in our Reading Diary. Daily reading helps with our ability to read the words fluently and to comprehend what we are reading. A fabulous way to test our comprehension is to ask us questions about what we are reading and if there are any tricky words, ask us what they mean. Our Reading Diaries need to be in school everyday. 

Marvellous Maths and Extraordinary English Homework – We are given homework every Friday (either Maths or English) and it is to be handed in on the following Friday. Homework will be on the work that we have learnt in class during the week, so there shouldn’t be anything that we don’t already know. 

Learning Logs

Click the buttons below to download each Learning Log.

Textiles, Tie-Dye and Printing

We have been designing our own tops using tie-dye and printing. Firstly, we had to tie-dye our tops by folding them in a certain way which will help create the pattern. Then we had to create our own design and make a printing block with our designs on. Finally, we printed our design onto our tops. They look awesome!

Celtic Festival Music

In History, we have been investigating and find out all about Celtic life before the Romans invaded. They had Celtic festivals that were focused around the seasons. Here, we created our own Celtic music to match the season we were given.

Exploring Shading Techniques

We were exploring lights and dark shading and finding different ways of doing this e.g. holding the pencil horizontally and using the side of a pencil point, different pressures to explore a range of shades. 

Exploring the ISS (International Space Station)

In this lesson, we were looking at the planet that we live on from the ISS. We also looked at the different countries across the world and even found countries and seas that we didn’t know existed!

Exploring Balancing in Gymnastics

This was so much fun! We were using our hands and feet to explore balances. We then had to balance on 3 parts of our body, then 2, and then 1! 

Learning the Chest Pass in Netball

In this lesson, we learnt how effective chest passes are when we play netball. Chest passes are brilliant when having to pass the ball quickly and powerfully. We also learnt when we can move in netball and when we can’t move around, this was tricky!

Juggling Balls

This half term, we have been creating our own juggling balls. We each designed our very own and made sure that they met the success criteria given. They work extremely well!

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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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