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And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.

Kitty O’Meara


Welcome to Year 5’s class page…

Welcome to the Year 5 page of our website! Below you will find lots of useful information about our class as well as what we have been up to.

My name is Mr. Knight and I am the class teacher. My assistant is Mr. Carroll. Mrs. Spacey and Miss Mallinson also teach Year 5 on Fridays. Mrs. Moore very kindly comes in on Thursday afternoons, especially to listen to the children read and talk about stories.

This term’s Stars!

Given the very trying times we are experiencing at the moment, we think all of our Year 5 children are stars!

Things to know about…

Reading (everyday) – Your child should read at home every day (independently or to an adult) record it in their Reading Diary and get it signed or initialled by an adult at home. It is really helpful if you can chat to your child about what they are reading, what their opinion about the book is and get them to make predictions about what will happen next based on what they have read.
Please make sure your child’s Reading Diary and reading books are in everyday!

Learn spellings (everyday) – New lists are given on Friday for your child to learn for a test on the following Friday.

Maths times tables (everyday) – Each week, the children are given a times table to focus on learning ready for a test on the following Friday. If your child knows their times tables very well, they will be tested on decimal numbers. For example, 0.6 x 3=    23.5 x 4 =   After Christmas, we look at problem solving and reasoning questions using our times tables knowledge.

English and Maths Homework – English and Maths homework will be given on a Friday to be in the following Friday. The homework will be based on work done in class that week and you should not spend more than 20-30 minutes on each piece. We will work through any misunderstandings.

Curriculum Newsletters

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Learning Logs

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More useful spelling lists

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World Book Day

We had great fun dressing up for World Book Day. We did some fabulous book reviews and had a go at making up some Harry potter spells.


We used a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) programme to make our 3D robots and then put them in the real world.


Here are our finished pieces of art.


We used Modroc to give our lunar landscapes texture and then we mixed black and white paint to give us different tones.


We researched some famous astronauts and cosmonauts and created some fun videos on the iPads. Click here to go to the page and watch them.


We have been exploring how to create sequences on the floor and on apparatus and we have done some partner work to create paired counter balances and counter tension. Have a looked at how amazing we are!

Gymnastics part 2

Here are some more pictures of our amazing gymnastics!

Food Glorious Food!


We created some gifs for Christmas. Click on them to see them in action. Happy Christmas!

Christmas Mathematical art

We did some very tricky tessellations to make some wrapping paper, an abstract Christmas Tree gift tag and showed great resilience with the angel sketch curves.


We have really enjoyed this part of our topic: making scrambled egg and leek and potato soup!

Perspective Art – Our Drawings

We had a go at different styles to show perspectives. We are very pleased with them!

Perspective Art – Digital Work

We looked at photographs that played around with perspective and then had a go at taking some of our own. What do you think?

Tinsel Trolley Dash

We had great fun playing snowy games on the Tinsel Trolley Dash day.

Inventors and Inventions

Mathematical Art – Tangrams

We combined maths and art to create some Tangram work. You must use all of the seven shapes, they must be touching and they cannot overlap. What do you think of them?

Tag Rugby

We had great fun playing Tag Rugby, but it was hard work and very tiring!

Prayer and Liturgy

Were you able to join us for our Prayer and Liturgy? If you did, I hope you agree that we were loud and clear and did it in a very thoughtful and reflective way.

Design Technology

In D.T., we had to design and make mechanical toys that could be sold in the shop at Blackpool Zoo. We learnt many new skills and used tools safely and accurately.

Science – Forces

We explored different forces in science. We made autogyros and investigated how to make them fall more slowly and rotate more quickly. We had a fierce competition that was very close!

Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
Telephone: 01772 684 371 | Email:

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