Year 5

Welcome to Year 5’s class page…

Welcome to the Year 5 page of our website! Below you will find lots of useful information about our class as well as what we have been up to.

My name is Mr. Knight and I am the class teacher. My assistant is Mr. Carroll. Mrs. Spacey and Miss Mallinson also teach Year 5 on Fridays. Mrs. Moore usually comes in on Thursday afternoons, especially to listen to the children read and talk about stories, but is not coming in at the moment due to the coronavirus.

This term’s Stars!

While Star Award Assemblies may not be as they used to be, we are making sure we still celebrate the hard work, talents and achievements of the children by having a class Star Award celebration on a Friday. Well done to all of our recent Star Award winners.

Things to know about…

Reading (everyday) – Your child should read at home every day (independently or to an adult) record it in their Reading Diary and get it signed or initialled by an adult at home. It is really helpful if you can chat to your child about what they are reading, what their opinion about the book is and get them to make predictions about what will happen next based on what they have read.
Please make sure your child’s Reading Diary and reading books are in everyday!

Learn spellings (everyday) – New lists are given on Friday for your child to learn for a test on the following Friday.

Maths times tables (everyday) – Each week, the children are given a times table to focus on learning ready for a test on the following Friday. If your child knows their times tables very well, they will be tested on decimal numbers. For example, 0.6 x 3=    23.5 x 4 =   After Christmas, we look at problem solving and reasoning questions using our times tables knowledge.

English and Maths Homework – English and Maths homework will be given on a Friday to be in the following Friday. The homework will be based on work done in class that week and you should not spend more than 20-30 minutes on each piece. We will work through any misunderstandings.

Curriculum Newsletters

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Learning Logs

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More useful spelling lists

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Prayer and Liturgy

We plan and lead our own prayer and liturgies for our class.

World Book Day

We had great fun dressing up for World Book Day:

World Book Day Orienteering

We had a go at orienteering and had to name the books and authors from the covers that we found. Some of them were really tricky.


Have a look at our fantastic hockey skills:

Earthlings! – Lockdown Learning.


We did some astronaut art during lockdown. Aren’t they fantastic? They have lots of detail and colourful space reflections in the helmets.

Mixed Media Art – Lunar Landscape

Look at our amazing lockdown art! We looked at the lunar landscape and use papier mache to create textured craters. We didn’t all have the correct materials, but we tried our best. Didn’t we do well?

Pop Art

We had a go at some space Pop Art based on a piece of work by Andy Warhol. It is digital art because we did it on a device and we did it during lockdown!


We used a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) programme to make our 3D robots and houses – all during lockdown!

Food Glorious Food!

Advent art

We have been counting down the days until the birth of Jesus. Our pastel Advent art looks fantastic.

Christmas Mathematical art

We used a sketch curve to create our Christmas tree decorations. Aren’t they fantastic?

Perspective Art

We tried to capture the perspective of looking down a street. It was very tricky, but we did really well.


We have really enjoyed this part of our topic so far: making scrambled egg!

And leek and potato soup!

DT – Pancakes

We made pancakes from an egg, flour and milk. They were very yummy!


We have been exploring how to create sequences on the floor and on apparatus and we are having a look at some partner work to create paired counter balances and counter tension. Have a looked at how amazing we are!

Science – Dissolving

We added different substances to water to see if they dissolved. We also dissolved some skittles and it looked amazing.

Science – Separating

Mr. Carroll dropped the shopping and made a right mess: sand, salt and paperclips. We had to work out how to separate them. We were very creative and came up with using a magnet to get the paperclips, adding water to dissolve the salt and then filtering out the sand. We left the water and salt solution so that the water would evaporate and leave the salt. It created awesome looking crystals.

Inventors and Inventions

Friedensreich Hundertwasse

We did some art based on the Austrian artist and hid some cogs and pulleys in. Can you find them?

Here is some of his art work. Do you think we copied his style well?

Tag Rugby

We had great fun playing Tag Rugby, but it was hard work and very tiring!


We managed to dodge the showers and had a go at showing our tennis skills.

Science – Forces

We have explored different forces in science. We used carrier bags to feel air resistance. Then we carried out an investigation into how to make autogyros fall more slowly and rotate more quickly. Our science skills were amazing and we had some very creative ideas.  

DT- Levers

We had a play with different levers. Who said we weren’t strong enough to lift Mr. Carroll? Ok we had a bit of help from the lever.

Art – Portraits

What do you think of our portraits? Aren’t they amazing? We really captured a good likeness.

DT- Mechanism toys

We have made a start with our mechanical toys. Can you work out which mechanism we are using? (Cam, lever, gear or pulley)

DT- Mechanism toys

Here are our finished mechanical toys. What do you think?

Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
Telephone: 01772 684 371 | Email:

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