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Welcome to Year 5’s class page…

Welcome to the Year 5 page of our website! Below you will find lots of useful information about our class as well as what we have been up to.

My name is Mr Knight and I am the class teacher. My assistant is Mr Carroll and I also get lots of help from Mrs Smith. Mrs Spacey and Miss Mallinson also teach Year 5 on Fridays.

We work extremely hard in Year 5, whilst having fun, and are becoming more and more independent in every way.

This term’s Stars!

Now that we are allowed to have assemblies together again, we have restarted our Star Award Assembly on Friday morning. This is a very special assembly where Mr. Knight tells us how amazing one of our friends has been this week – our parents are even allowed to come! Well done to all of our recent Star Award winners.

Things to know about…

Reading (everyday) – Your child should read at home every day (independently or to an adult) record it in their Reading Diary and get it signed or initialled by an adult at home. It is really helpful if you can chat to your child about what they are reading, what their opinion about the book is and get them to make predictions about what will happen next based on what they have read.
Please make sure your child’s Reading Diary and reading books are in everyday!

Learn spellings (everyday) – New lists are given on Friday for your child to learn for a test on the following Friday.

Maths times tables (everyday) – Each week, the children are given a times table to focus on learning ready for a test on the following Friday. If your child knows their times tables very well, they will be tested on decimal numbers. For example, 0.6 x 3=    23.5 x 4 =   After Christmas, we look at problem solving and reasoning questions using our times tables knowledge.

English and Maths Homework – English and Maths homework will be given on a Friday to be in the following Friday. The homework will be based on work done in class that week and you should not spend more than 20-30 minutes on each piece. We will work through any misunderstandings.

Year 5’s Latest News


Year 5 DT Embroidery

Year 5 have completed their embroidery artwork. We took inspiration from the art of Victoria Poltovitza whose embroidery artwork is based on maps. We explored different maps for one of the capital cities of the UK and created our own design. Then we used running...

Inter-House Handball Competition

During the week commencing 21st March, every child across school competed in our most recent intra-school competition - Handball. Handball is a fast paced, energetic and inclusive game which is best described as a mixture of netball and football. A football pitch...

Year 5 Sewing

Year 5 had a go at sewing this week. We mastered the running stitch, back stitch and satin stitch ready to create pieces of art based on work by Victoria Poltovitza.

Year 5 Gymnastics

Year 5 have been working really hard in gymnastics. We have been focusing on partnered work looking at counterbalance and counter tension. It requires a lot of strength, creativity and teamwork!

Year 5 and 6 Carr Hill Dodgeball Tournament

Two teams of children from Year 5 and 6 took part over two consecutive weeks in this year's Carr Hill Dodgeball Tournament. The mixed teams of boys and girls took part in competitive dodgeball competitions against 11 other teams from local primary schools. There was...

Year 5 Space Gadgets

Year 5 have been working hard designing a new space gadget in English so that astronauts can visit other planets. In art, we have made a model of it out of salt dough.

Year 5 CAD robots

Year 5 have been working incredibly hard to create some 3D robots using CAD software. It is really tricky to work in 3 dimensions on a computer, but they have produced some fabulous work.

Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 took part in their Bikeability training last week. They learnt so much about riding their bikes safely on the road and had great fun as well. It was a bit cold though!

Year 5 Lunar Landscapes

Year 5 have been arty again. This time, we created some mixed media lunar landscapes. First, Modroc was applied to built up the texture of the crater, then we mix different tones using black and white paint. Finally, we flicked some white paint to create stars. They...

Year 5 Fauvism Art

Painting in the Fauvism style Year 5 have been. Bright colours and energetic movements key characteristics are. Amazing don’t they look, hmm?

Food Technology

This half term in Design and Technology Year 2 have been learning all about food. We have learnt the different food groups as well as how to be hygienic and how to select the correct tools when working with certain foods. Year 5 kindly helped with our Food Technology,...

Year 5 and 6 Carr Hill Athletics Tournament

On Tuesday 30th November, 22 children from Year 5 and 6 represented The Willows at the annual Year 5 and 6 Fylde Sportshall Athletics Tournament at Carr Hill High School. Every child took part in field events such as the long jump, standing triple jump, javelin and...

Year 5 Say Cheese!

As part of our food topic, Year 5 are exploring where food comes from and how it is made. We watched a video on how cheese is made and had a go at separating milk into curds and whey.

Year 5 and 6 Dodgeball

Year 5 and 6 had great fun taking part in the inter-house dodgeball competition. It was wacky and wild and the children had such enthusiasm. There were balls flying everywhere and it took four members of staff to referee each match! There was great teamwork and...

Year 5 DT Vegetable Stew

Year 5 have been at it again! This week, they have worked together in groups to make a delicious and healthy stew. Fabulous cooking, everyone. Well done!

Year 5 DT Scrambled egg

Year 5 have done some cooking in DT. They cracked an egg, used the bridge to chop a tomato and added some ham and spring onions. Then they cooked it in a frying pan. It was all done completely independently and their reward was that they got to eat it. The classroom...

Year 5 Prayer and Liturgies

Year 5 Prayer and Liturgies

Each week, children from Year 5 plan and deliver a prayer and liturgy to the class. They are always beautiful and reflective. Well done, everyone!

Year 5 Outdoor Learning

Year 5 Outdoor Learning

Year 5 had a fantastic day outside during our Outdoor Learning Day. We had great fun doing seasonal dances, used a fire starter and created some art using natural materials such as leaves and sticks. It got quite competitive during our orienteering activities.

Year 5 Glow Dodgeball

Year 5 Glow Dodgeball

We had a fantastic time playing Glow Dodgeball. It was so much fun playing in the dark, using the UV lights to make us all glow. Brilliant!

Year 5 Scoot at School

Year 5 Scoot at School

Year 5 had great fun playing on our scooters. There were wheelies, ollies and drifts going on all over the place as well as many other stunts!

Year 5 DT Toys

Year 5 DT Toys

Year 5 have finally finished their mechanical toys for Blackpool Zoo. They have worked extremely hard to get the mechanism to work properly. (It is quite tricky!) We are really pleased with what we have achieved and hope that you like them as well. Well done, Year 5....

Year 5 DT mechanical toys

Year 5 DT mechanical toys

Year 5 have started to make their mechanical toys in DT. We have been asked by Blackpool Zoo to design a themed toy with a mechanical element. It is very tricky to fine tune the mechanism so that they work correctly, but we are showing amazing perseverance and teamwork.

Year 5 Science Forces

Year 5 Science Forces

Year 5 have been learning all about different forces in Science. We investigated air resistance by changing different variables with our Autogyros. We found out that smaller Autogyros spin more quickly than larger ones because they don't have as many air particles to...

Year 5 Tag Rugby

Year 5 Tag Rugby

Year 5 have been having a go at Tag Rugby. It is really difficult to get our head around some of the rules of the game, but we are loving it. It is hard work, but we are showing great perseverance and teamwork.

Year 5 Portraits

Year 5 Portraits

The start of a brand new year. We painted our portraits to see if we have changed. Aren't they fabulous?

Year 5 Wellbeing week

Year 5 Wellbeing week

We had a fabulous wellbeing week in Year 5. We did lots of teamwork challenges and learnt all about what anxieties are and how we can help ourselves and others with difficulties. We made dreamcatchers from piece of willow and had a go at lots of calming activities...

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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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