Year 6 Bikeability

During our second week of the Half Term, Year 6 completed their Bikeability training. Instructors from the GoVelo company came into school and taught the Year 6 children how to check and ride their bike safely. Once the children showed they were confident navigating their bikes around several pre-made courses, they had to learn the rules of the road and how to travel safely, for example indicating at junctions, travelling around parked cars on a road and going around a roundabout. After one day of practice on the playground, the children then spent the following day travelling around Kirkham on their bikes, applying their new found knowledge. Every child in Year 6 participated, which is fantastic, and all children passed, receiving a badge and certificate. This hopefully gives the children a boost of confidence and enthusiasm towards cycling, but hopefully gives them life long skills and knowledge of how to travel on a bike safely. Well done Year 6!