Year 6 Meet Their Buddies!

After a week of waiting, the Year 6 children finally got to meet their Reception Buddy on Friday 9th September. The children were SO excited about becoming a Buddy, a position we hold very highly at our school. The Year 6 children are paired up with a Reception child, who they will look after, regularly meet and teach how to be a Willows pupil. The Year 6 children and the Receptions both met on the KS1 playground and spent some time, as well as break time, getting to know one another and creating the bond that will last the whole year and beyond. Following break time, the children all went in the hall to play musical games with one another – the highlight was definitely the game where the Receptions had to pretend to be sleeping bears and roaring when they were woken up by the Year 6’s! We are all looking forward to spending more time with our Buddies over the coming weeks and months!