Year 6 Readytalk sessions

Year 6 have started their Readytalk sessions this week. We are fortunate enough to have Naomi, an NHS psychologist, who is coming into our class to pilot a new mental health and wellbeing scheme that can teach the children new skills how to cope with worries and stresses. Naomi has already built up a great rapport with the children and has already introduced methods for how the children can support themselves when angry, worried or frustrated. This week’s method was box breathing – imagining a square where each side is 4 seconds long. The children were instructed to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold their breath for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds then hold their breath again for 4 seconds. By repeating this process, you control your breathing and your body and mind naturally calm. We are really thankful to have Naomi coming in to work with the children and look forward to learning lots more methods for keeping ourselves happy and well.