Year 6 Remembrance Prayer And Liturgy

On Thursday 10th November, Year 6 led a Prayer and Liturgy for the whole school based on the theme of Remembrance. The children led the reflection wonderfully, in a very calm, reflective and respectful manner. After explaining what Remembrance is about, Emily read the Word, which was The Beatitudes from Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount. Year 6 children then explained the importance of being a peacemaker and how God gives us the freedom of thought and actions, but he is always there to guide us and be better people. As the Year 6’s brilliantly put it, people will always make mistakes, but God is always there to help you learn from your mistakes and promote peace in the future. The Year 6 children gave the rest of the school the mission of considering how they can be peacemakers to help make our school and our local community a kinder, more peaceful place to be. Well done Year 6!