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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6’s class page…

Welcome to our Year 6 class page. Below you can find out about some of the exciting things we have been doing in Year 6 as well as keep up to date with all of the relevant information.

Year 6 are taught by their class teacher Mr Sharrock, as well as Mrs Spacey the class teaching assistant who also covers lessons on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

In Year 6 at The Willows, our children grow as independent and self-confident learners who are ready to tackle new challenges as they prepare for high school.

We firmly believe in engaging and cross curricular learning here in Year 6 and as you will tell from the posts below, we have lots of exciting opportunities to look forward to!

This term’s Stars!

While Star Award Assemblies may not be as they used to be, we are making sure we still celebrate the hard work, talents and achievements of the children by having a class Star Award celebration on a Friday. Well done to all of our recent Star Award winners.

Things to know about…

Please click on the content link below to access the Year 6 parent’s important information document. Here you will find out all you need to know about our way of working in Year 6, Year 6 homework expectations and things to look forward to in Year 6.

Learning Logs and Homework

As we cannot bring things into school, we are not completing Learning Logs in Year 6 until further notice. Homework will istead be set on Seesaw every week for Maths and English, as well as daily reading and weekly spelling / times table practice. Homework will be set online on Friday for the children to complete by the following Thursday. The children will also have weekly spellings and times tables to learn which will be tested in school on Thursday afternoons.

Outdoor Day!

On Tuesday 13th October, Year 6 held an Outdoor Day, where we did an entire day of outdoor activities and outdoor learning. It was a crushing blow to hear that our residential trip to Tower Wood was cancelled, which we are hoping to schedule for the Spring Term, so we decided to make the most of our school’s location and get outdoors in our local area.

The children had an amazing, all be it very muddy day, as can be seen by the photos! The children did a scavenger hunt across the school grounds and the church woods where we had to collect all sorts of coloured and shaped objects the quickest. We then played several games of manhunt and camouflage in the woods which were a firm favourite with the children. Following this, the children had to compete in their house teams to complete a range of team work challenges like the ‘human knot’ and the eggpocolypse where they had to build a structure / nest to cradle their egg and stop it from breaking when dropped from a 10 foot height. To round off our morning, we had a campfire and toasted marshmellows while the children built shelters and dens to have their lunch in.

After lunch time, orienteering was the main challenge of the afternoon. The children had to work in pairs to orientate their detailed maps of school and the church grounds and locate 26 control points. This proved really challenging but most teams completed all 26 and came back absolutely covered in mud! A few more games of manhunt and camouflage in the woods completed our special day.

Well done Year 6 for working so well together, showing such amazing team work and for really embracing the outdoor activities of the day – we adults really did have as much fun as you did!

Year 6 lead the Welcome Prayer and Liturgy

On Friday 9th October, Year 6 led our school’s first virtual Prayer and Liturgy. All classes watched our pre recorded video where we led a Welcome Assembly and Prayer and Liturgy on ‘New Beginnings’. The children did a brilliant job – they spoke clearly and the message behind what they were saying was very powerful. We all have new beginnings this year and we will all face difficult challenges moving up a year in school, but the Gospel Readings we heard showed us that God is there to offer us hope and support when things are difficult. We have fantastic friends, loving families, caring teachers and God in our hearts so nothing should stop us making the most of our new beginnings in school this year. We also took the opportunity to welcome our new children and staff additions to our Willows family by reading out their names and showing a picture on our PowerPoint before clapping them in our respective classrooms. Well done Year 6, we are all very proud of your efforts leading our Prayer and Liturgy.

Fun with a sum!

We have been very busy developing our understanding of written calculations in Year 6, and what better way to learn than playing games against your friends. The children have played lots of Maths games like code crackers, connect 4, diamond mining and more. This has allowed them to have lots of practice applying their knowledge while in a fun, social environment.

Break time shelter building

The children have been desperate for me to share their latest creation at break time so they can show their friends and families. Here it is….. their latest team collaboration! It has been so lovely seeing the children working together and showing such team work, positivity and kindness towards each other. Well done Year 6’s, keep this up and you will be experts at shelter building ready for our topic next half term.

Meeting our Reception Buddies

Today we finally met our Reception Buddies – the day we have all been waiting for! Obviously, with the current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines in place, this year we have had to socially distance while meeting out Reception Buddies but this did not stop us! We met them out on the Key Stage 2 playground and had a distanced chat about how school has gone so far and introducing ourselves. The Year 6 children then stayed to watch the Receptions during their Music / Dance lesson; they loved seeing them play and have fun with their new friends. This week, the Year 6 children have written a letter to their new Buddy which will be sent home for their parents to see via Seesaw. The letters have outlined what they are looking forward to in their new role as a Buddy and offered words of welcome and reassurance. I am sure your new Buddies and their parents will absolutely love this thoughtful gesture, well done Year 6!

Year 6 Positions of Responsibility Around School

The Year 6 positions of responsibility have now been decided and congratulations to those lucky few selected. Voting for Head Boy, Head Girl and other positions of responsibility around school this year have been a little different. The Year 6 children all had their speeches recorded, which was played to all children from Year 1 to 6. Votes were then confidentially cast for each child and each member of staff before finding our successful candidates. The Year 6 positions of responsibility are as follows:

Head Boy = Isaac
Head Girl = Evie
Deputy Head Boys = Finley and Jack
Deputy Head Girls = Bella and Sophie
Head Altar Server = Bridget
Head Buddy = Chloe
St Theresa’s House Captain = Olivia
St Cecilia’s House Captain = Thomas
St Joseph’s House Captain = Isabella
St John’s House Captain = Joshua

It must be said that every member of staff commented on how well all of the Year 6 children did with their speeches and how every single child could have been entrusted with one of these roles. We are all immensely proud of the children for their effort with their speeches and the fine young people they are becoming. While not every child has one of the roles mentioned above, every Year 6 child has an important responsibility to be a role model around school, has a monitor job within class and most importantly of all will be a Reception Buddy. Well done again to everyone for your amazing effort!

Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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