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Welcome to Year 6’s class page…

Welcome to our Year 6 class page. Below you can find out about some of the exciting things we have been doing in Year 6 as well as keep up to date with all of the relevant information.

Year 6 are taught by their class teacher Mr Sharrock, as well as Mrs Spacey the class teaching assistant who also covers lessons on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

In Year 6 at The Willows, our children grow as independent and self-confident learners who are ready to tackle new challenges as they prepare for high school.

We firmly believe in engaging and cross curricular learning here in Year 6 and as you will tell from the posts below, we have lots of exciting opportunities to look forward to!

This term’s Stars!

During the current pandemic, we are unable to give our children a Star Award. They are all working so hard at home that we think they are all superstars!

Things to know about…

In Year 6 homework is exceptionally important. The homework which is set allows the children to either:

  • practice skills from the lessons during the week
  • have a go at skills which will be covered over the coming weeks.

Homework is also a key part of the children’s transition to high school. The expectation, with regards to homework, changes dramatically when starting high school. Whereas at primary school children will be expected to complete two pieces a week, at high school this is more often than not one or two pieces a night.

The children are expected to read for at least ten to fifteen minutes a night, learn the spellings and this week’s times tables every night. The reading should then be recorded in their homework diary and signed by an adult.

Generally speaking, the children will be set one piece of English and one piece of Maths homework a week. These are set on a Friday, to be completed over the weekend and handed in on the following Friday morning. On some occasions the children will be set more homework depending on the topics being covered during the week.

Learning Logs

Click the buttons below to download each Learning Log.

Welcome to Seesaw!

We have now rolled out Seesaw to every child in school. For those that don’t know what this is – it’s an online learning platform that allows us to set various different activities for the children to complete – perfect for the current climate! It allows the children to respond to an activity in a way that suits them best. This might be a recording, a video, a picture or some writing – or, maybe all of them. We have been live now for just over a week and we have already had 3000 pieces of work submitted. Well done everyone for working so hard at home!

Science Week

On Monday 16th March 2020, we started our Willows Science Week where Year 6 embarked on an epic adventure of testing and experimenting.

As  you can see from the pictures, the children dressed in their lab coats throughout the week and our focus was on fair testing and physically doing Science experiments. With sustainability and pollution such a big problem plaguing the world at the moment, we decided to base a lot of our experiments on plastics and environmentally friendly materials.

On Monday we tested the strength and suitability of different packages throwing them and dropping them to see if they protected cream crackers. We then used our engineering skills to create our own packages that could protect 3 Pringles and made our own tests to see how fit for purpose the packages were. To my complete surprise, most of the teams managed to successfully maintain a fair test and end up with undamaged Pringles.

On Tuesday we looked at the damage that plastic pollution is causing in our oceans and to the animals whose habitats are being overrun with waste plastic. We then created our own, biodegradable plastic using milk and vinegar.

On Wednesday we looked at the innovative creations from the Indian company Bakeys, who sell edible cutlery. Did you know that 120 billion pieces of plastic cutlery are thrown away in India alone! We used granola spoons and cheese pastry spoons to run a fair Science test to see how suitable these two edible spoons would be for eating soup. We tested how long the spoons lasted when submerged in hot water and unfortunately, they were both a complete failure! A lot of the children however were very accurate with their predictions and came up with some very innovative ways to improve the design of the two spoons.

On Thursday we looked at 4 different types of chocolate and ran a fair test to see which one would melt the fastest. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and Flake chocolate was all put under a candle and timed to see how long it would take to melt. Little did the children know, Flake chocolate, despite being softer and more airy, has a chemical added to it to make it crumbly which stops it melting!

The children have had a fantastic week and it has been a wonderful opportunity to try to develop the practical side of Science while having a lot of fun in the process!

World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day. The children dressed up as their favourite book character and in lessons we focused our lessons on a Harry Potter theme. The children wrote their own Howler letters in an aggressive tone to Ron after he stole the flying car and drove it to Hogwarts, endangering himself and damaging school property. The children had a great time reading these out in character at full volume! After some Harry Potter related Maths code-breaker jokes, we conducted a Science experiment in Herbology trying to cultivate our own Fungus Breath. We tested which temperature of water yeast preferred when fed some sugar and found that warm water made the balloons fastened to the top of the test bottle inflate the most with Carbon Dioxide.

Healthy Pizza Project

Our Healthy Living topic culminated in a Design Technology project where we applied our scientific knowledge of balanced diets to a well known, unhealthy food – pizza! Our design brief was to compare the calories and nutritional values of current products on the market and find healthier ways to: improve the nutritional goodness, increase the variety of food groups present in our pizzas and lower the calories and fat present in our pizzas. The children calculated the nutritional values of their pizzas to ensure they were healthier, before advertising their pizzas, writing instructions for making their healthy pizzas and finally designing and making the packaging for their healthy pizzas. As you can see from the pictures, we could not let the opportunity go by without actually making and sampling the pizzas ourselves! The children really enjoyed the project and it helped to bring the Healthy Living topic to life.

Year 6 Prayer and Liturgy

Baptism of The Lord

On Thursday 16th January, Year 6 presented their Prayer and Liturgy to the whole school based on the Baptism of The Lord. The children read beautifully and were very confident in their delivery. After discussing Baptism and the significance to a Catholic, the children asked the whole school to consider their actions and set the mission of choosing positive thoughts and actions for the next week. Our Prayer and Liturgy was finished off with the song ‘My Lighthouse’ which was enjoyed by the whole school. Well done Year 6!

I’m a Year 6, Get Me Out of Here

On Friday 29th November, Year 6 had their highly anticipated ‘I’m a Year 6, Get Me Out Of Here’ survival sleepover in the school hall.

The children designed and built their shelter which they would sleep in for the night and there was some excellent creativity and teamwork on show. Following this, we had the first Bushtucker trial where the children were blindfolded and had to route through vile mixtures like beans, jelly, tinned fruit, plum tomatoes and soapy spaghetti to find stars for their teams. The girls took an early lead, which was then extended with the code breaker Orienteering challenge. The girls managed to find all of the clues and answer the questions correctly, while the boys only managed a mere two clues answered correctly. The boys pulled some stars back for their team during the general knowledge quiz and it was a close race leading into the final challenge – the eating trial! As I am sure you will agree from the pictures, there was hilarity and shock at the reaction of the children to this year’s foods which included snails, oysters, jalapeños, whitebait, whole squid, rollmop herrings and caviar! The girls did enough to hold off the valiant effort of the boys and won the bushtucker trial series.

The children had a fantastic time and it was an excellent way to bring their survival topic to life.

Meeting our Buddies

Earlier this term, Year 6 met their Reception Buddy. Every year, each child in Year 6 is given the responsibility of looking after a child in Reception. Not only does this help Year 6 to become role models, it also helps the Reception children settle into life at The Willows. 

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 children, they set an outstanding example to their buddies and in doing so, both Reception and Year 6 learning valuable life lessons. 

Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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