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Welcome to Year 6’s class page…

Welcome to our Year 6 class page. Below you can find out about some of the exciting things we have been doing in Year 6 as well as keep up to date with all of the relevant information.

Year 6 are taught by their class teacher Mr Sharrock, as well as Mrs Spacey the class teaching assistant who also covers lessons on a Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. We also have Mrs Heaney who works with Year 6 as a Teaching Assistant throughout the week.

In Year 6 at The Willows, our children grow as independent and self-confident learners who are ready to tackle new challenges as they prepare for high school.

We firmly believe in engaging and cross curricular learning here in Year 6 and as you will tell from the posts below, we have lots of exciting opportunities to look forward to!

Make sure you check out our page regularly to keep informed of the exciting opportunities and news events for Year 6. Parents can also stay up to date with all things Year 6 by reading our weekly Year 6 class newsletter which is posted on Seesaw!

This term’s Stars!

While Star Award Assemblies may not be as they used to be, we are making sure we still celebrate the hard work, talents and achievements of the children by having a class Star Award celebration on a Friday. Well done to all of our recent Star Award winners.

Things to know about…

Please click on the content link below to access the Year 6 parent’s important information document. Here you will find out all you need to know about our way of working in Year 6, Year 6 homework expectations and things to look forward to in Year 6.

Learning Logs and Homework

As we cannot bring things into school, we are not completing Learning Logs in Year 6 until further notice. Homework will istead be set on Seesaw every week for Maths and English, as well as daily reading and weekly spelling / times table practice. Homework will be set online on Friday for the children to complete by the following Thursday. The children will also have weekly spellings and times tables to learn which will be tested in school on Thursday afternoons.

Year 6 go climbing!

On Monday 24th May, Year 6 had the chance to scale a mobile climbing wall that visited school. The 7m high wall was intended as a reward for the children’s hard work over the last year, but also as a tool with which to build self-confidence and resilience which has been diminished by the Covid-19 pandemic. The children were given the chance to face their fears and try to scale different routes up the wall. Staff were so impressed with the perseverance and determination of the children – they did not give up and so many of them touched the top! It was particularly great hearing so many of the children saying they were amazed with themselves or that they were so proud of themselves for not giving up. A fantastic job Year 6, well done!

As we won our school Golden Mile competition, Year 6 will be having another bonus session on the wall on Tuesday 25th May, where they will hopefully get a chance to try to scale the other two routes!

Inter House Handball Competition

Fearing that there the children’s opportunities for competition in Sport and P.E was being hampered due to the Covid-19 pandemic and not being able to mix bubbles, we held an inter-house handball competition across school this week. Each class held their own inter-house tournament throughout the week and the scores were sent to the Year 6 House Captains who collated the overall whole-school results. These results were then read out by the Year 6 House Captains and shared across school via a video link which all other classes watched in eager anticipation. 

The results were very close, but it was our red team St Theresa who were crowned the Willows handball champions! Well done to our worthy winners, the children of St Theresa!

Staff members across school commented on how much fun the chil;dren had, how excited by the competitive nature they had been and how much they were looking forward to the next competition. Aside from the scoring and winning, the children showed great team work and great resilience with many teams winning from a losing position. Well done everyone for your enthusiasm and we are so glad you all enjoyed playing handball so much!

Year 6 Forest School Day

Yet another great outdoor day was had by Year 6 this week as we were the latest class to have a day working with Rachel and Julie, our Forest School leaders.

The children had a fantastic time and all worked so well together at the tasks they were faced with throughout the day. They made dens using tarps, logs, branches, pegs and paracord which were tested for how waterproof they were – some unfortunately failed miserably leaving some children very wet! The children had campfire toast before heading to the church woods to forage for flowers and materials to do their own flower-crushed artwork. We placed flowers and leaves on half of a blank piece of fabric, then folded the other side over and ponded it with stones and hammers, releasing the coloured juices inside. This made great bunting and flags for our dens!

In the afternoon we all made natural maps of our Forest School area with an X marks the spot, which meant of course we had to hide something for the other groups to find using our maps. We finished the day by roasting marsh mellows and nettle crisps and relaxing in the hammocks. We really are so, so lucky having such wonderful grounds and the opportunities to use them. We will be having more outdoor days soon this term.

Year 6 get a visit from a Viking!

On Monday 26th April, Year 6 had a surprise encounter with a Viking who visited us for the afternoon armed with weapons, outfits and artefacts as well as plenty of tales and teachings fromn his homeland. As we have been covering The Vikings as a topic, we thought it an ideal opportunity to have a Covid-safe visit from one of the Lancashire Heritage Museums team to come in and teach us more about The Vikings and their way of life. 

The children were put into village teams using common location suffixes like ‘thwaite’, ‘beck’ and ‘thorpe’ which all derive from the Vikings. They then played knuckle bones to decide who would be the Kahl and Jahl of each settlement, before all of the Jahls faced off to decide who would be king with a game of the amazing Viking Club Skittles. Evie was our overall champion knocking over four skittles, so was named the class Queen!

Our Viking visitor then showed us lots of weapons and battle armour a normal Viking would wear, explaining the heavy cost of metal and swords in particular. This dispelled a lot of myths and misconceptions about Viking weaponry and outfits! He then showed us lots of artefacts which gave us further clues as to Viking ships, Viking navigation at sea using a sun compass, Viking metal-craft and everyday essentials like flint-steel strikers and storage containers. All in all a fantastic visit which continued our love of The Vikings and helped to dispell a lot of dramatised rumours and myths about the Viking appearance and way of life!

World Book Day 2021

On Friday 26th March, we held our postponed World Book Day celebration. Our day was packed with book-related fun, activities and quizzes. As you can see from the pictures, the children spent the day dressed up as their favourite book character. Top marks for effort, there were some really creative outfits and costumes on show! We spent the afternoon exploring our school and church grounds doing a book hunt / orienteering challenge where the children had to find the distorted book covers and name the title.

Year 6 make healthy pizzas!

On Monday 22nd March, Year 6 applied the knowledge and understanding of healthy food they have been building in Science to designing healthy pizzas.

In this week long project, the children first decided how they could make a previously very unhealthy food like Dominoes pizza into a very healthy alternative that contains all of the major food groups. Once the children had carefully selected their ingredients, they calculated the nutritional values of their pizzas, ensuring they had not gone over the 500 calorie and 10g fat limits put in place. The children then created persuasive adverts for their pizzas in English lessons, learnt all about the statutory requirements for packagint in D.T. and even wrote to supermarkets who would stock their pizzas with fromal, persuasive letters.

Once this was all complete, it was finally time to make and eat our own pizzas on Monday afternoon! The children did a fantastic job and they were all completely happy with the taste and outcomes of their pizzas!

Year 6 Outdoor Cooking

Year 6 have been doing lots of outdoor learning since returning to school. Linking to our current topic of ‘Healthy Living’, we have made our own outdoor healthy meals on an open fire! Check out the tomoato, rocket, bean, chorizo and cous cook tray bake creations in our picture gallery on the right. We mixed the food in class, added them to foil trays with our names on and once our fire had gone out just leaving smouldering wood and embers, the trays were placed on to heat up and slowly cook. While the children waited, there was time for a quick scavenger hunt before the food was unveilved. The children had a great time, had a tasty treat and learnt all about how the meal had a healthy balance all while being in the outdoors. What more could you ask for on a Monday afternoon?

Welcome Back Year 6!

Welcome back to school Year 6, how we have missed you! It has been lovely welcoming you back to our normal school surroundings, seeing you smile and seeing you play happily with your friends who you have been separated from for far too long. You have worked so hard over lockdown and have stayed so positive despite the very testing times. You have learnt new skills and have grown to appreciate the simple things in life like going for walks and spending time outdoors. Hopefully this experience allows us all to grow as people and appreciate what we have. You have an awful lot to be proud of. Please click the link below to watch our Photo Story which highlights our successes and triumphs during lockdown 2021!

Year 6 Christmas Party

On Wednesday 16th December, Year 6 held their Christmas party in the school hall. We had an afternoon of festive fun in the hall with Christmas music, games of Corners, games of Pass the Parcel, dance-offs and even a giant snowball fight!

Christmas Craft Day

On Monday 14th December, Year 6 held their first ever Christmas Craft day – an entire day doing 5 different Art and Design Technology activities that were Christmas themed. The children used the hand drills and glue guns to create a reindeer Christmas tree decoration with pebbles, coloured sand and wooden disks. We also made Santa baskets which will be generously filled up on Friday ready to take home. Using a written set of instructions, the children had to work as a group to make green, glittered salt dough which will dry ready to be made into another Christmas tree decoration. The children really impressed with their sewing skills, making a felt stocking which will house their candy canes they come home with on Friday. Finally, the children used electric tea lights to make a melted snow man tree decoration that lights up.

All in all, a really fun day had by all. Well done Year 6!

I’m A Year 6, Get Me Out Of Here!

The very average weather and delay until Tuesday did not hold us back; our Year 6 Survival Day was a complete success. The children had a fantastic day outside completing their survival shelter project which they have been working on designing in Topic lessons. We spent most of the morning using bamboo, branches, fabric sheets, tarpaulins, string, elastic bands and masking tape to create the shelters which the children ate their lunches in. Some groups even got comfy and made chairs and tables with the spare wooden pallets! Of course, there was a campfire and marsh mellow interlude to keep the children well fuelled.

After a few rounds of the game ‘Camouflage’ in the church woods, the children were gathered together to introduce the ‘Bush Tucker Trials which would make up the rest of the day. The children were split into two teams – children from the Red and green houses, who would face the children from the Blue and Yellow houses. The Bush Tucker Trials were 4 different trials and activities that would test bravery, intelligence, physical ability and determination as a team. First up was the blindfolded ‘feely trial’. There were 5 covered boxes which contained a star for each team, as well as disgusting contents that the chosen 5 contestants had to sift through with their hands. Once the lid was lifted, each team’s chosen participant had 30 seconds to sort through the mess to find their teams star and try to take the lead.

The children had a short break to eat their lunch in their shelter, before taking part in the second trial – the team quiz. The teams were split into 3 smaller groups, whose scores would be added up to make one team score. 14 questions were asked that tested everything from football’s top scorers to the world’s tallest mountain and amazingly when each team’s answers were added up, there was just one point in it, with the successful team taking the 3 stars up for grabs!

The third trial was the treasure hunt, where the children needed to work as a team and locate the many clues scattered around the school grounds. Each clue had a difficult problem to solve so there was a great deal of physical demand finding the clues, but also team work needed to discuss and solve said problems. Both teams managed to solve the problems but only one team managed to unscramble the letters to reveal the hidden message and winning the 4 stars up for grabs in the challenge.

When the time came for the final trial, the two teams were neck and neck with their star totals. It all came down to the dreaded eating trial!!! This year I had outdone myself, with 15 different disgusting delicacies up for grabs including chicken livers, whole razor clams, rollmop herrings, whole beetroot, grasshoppers, meal worms, crocodile pate, octopus tentacle, jalapenos, anchovies and more. Every child had the option to compete for their team and I was really pleased that the vast majority stepped forward to face one of the covered plates. The idea of this trial is to go head to head against someone from the opposing team to see who could eat the mystery food first – the first one to open and show an empty mouth wins the star! The children did exceptionally well and actually begged for more meal worms and grasshoppers afterwards.

All in all, a great day and I am really glad the children enjoyed their special day. It certainly captured their imagination as you can see from the pictures.

Design and Technology – Survival shelters

This week we have been learning about all things survival in Year 6 in preparation for our ‘I’m a Year 6, Get Me Out Of Here!’ survival themed day.

Our design brief was to plan and design a survival shelter that will be stable enough to last in wind for a full day, comfortable enough for us to survive in when we eat our lunch in it (we will be making these for real on Monday 30th November) and protected from the wind and rain to keep us warm. The children looked at loads of designs and have whittled their ideas down to just one design that they think will match the requirements of the design brief. The children then had the chance to make these shelters as a small scale model using twigs and leaves we foraged from outside and a block of oasis. I was so impressed with how well the children reasoned their ideas and how structurally complex their ideas were. They had a great time!

The children will be making these designs as full scale shelters as part of their outdoor survival day and come rain or shine, they will be eating their lunch in it so let’s hope they have properly thought it through and have used the appropriate materials!

TAKE COVER! World War Two Blitz work

This week, Year 6 have been learning all about what life was like for the children who were not evacuated during World War 2, and instead had to survive the harsh Blitz air raids in cities like London, Coventry and Manchester.

The children made their own gas masks and I.D badges which they had to take with them in a mad scramble into their air raid shelter (under the table) when the air raid siren loudly shrilled. With dodgeballs being thrown as bombs and shrapnel, the children had to take cover fast and stay safe until the all clear siren sounded.

The children wrote a diary recounting the events of a night’s air raid from the perspective of a child having to live in Londo at the time. The children’s writing was so emotive and full of panic – their understanding of the work we completed on ‘setting the mood’ has really paid off! Well done Year 6!

World War One’s Sergeant Powell visits Year 6!

On Monday 9th November, Year 6 were lucky enough to be put through their paces and sworn into the North Lancashire Regiment by Sergeant Powell. Dressed in full battle array, Sergeant Powell ensured the children were sworn in, before being put through rigorous drills and formations on the parade square. They learnt how to stand at ease, stand at attention, how to dress right, salute to the front and be dismissed correctly.

Following this, Sergeant Powell gave the newly appointed soldiers a History lesson through drama about why the war had started due to the alliances and friendships between countries. Sergeant Powell also showed the soldiers a range of artefacts and uniforms they would be used to once at the trenches like mess tins, artilery shells, bullets, a rifle, full uniform and webbing, trench art and a bayonette. Finally, Sergeant Powell explained all about the conditions soldiers would face in the trenches such as boredom, lice, the constant mud and battling trench foot.

As you can imagine and as you can see on the piuctures, the children had a great time and learned a great deal from Sergeant Powell who was dressed for the part and definitely demanded discipline, but was very complimentary about the children’s knowledge, enthusiasm and behaviour. Well done Year 6!

Inter – House Dodgeball Tournament

During our final week of the first half term, all of our classes held an inter-house dodgeball tournament where scores were added up to find out which house was victorious across school. The children had a brilliant time playing dodgeball, showing fantastic agility and great sportsmanship. Our Year 6 children collated the results and announced our winning house, St Joseph’s, over a video link with the other classes. Well done everyone!

Outdoor Day!

On Tuesday 13th October, Year 6 held an Outdoor Day, where we did an entire day of outdoor activities and outdoor learning. It was a crushing blow to hear that our residential trip to Tower Wood was cancelled, which we are hoping to schedule for the Spring Term, so we decided to make the most of our school’s location and get outdoors in our local area.

The children had an amazing, all be it very muddy day, as can be seen by the photos! The children did a scavenger hunt across the school grounds and the church woods where we had to collect all sorts of coloured and shaped objects the quickest. We then played several games of manhunt and camouflage in the woods which were a firm favourite with the children. Following this, the children had to compete in their house teams to complete a range of team work challenges like the ‘human knot’ and the eggpocolypse where they had to build a structure / nest to cradle their egg and stop it from breaking when dropped from a 10 foot height. To round off our morning, we had a campfire and toasted marshmellows while the children built shelters and dens to have their lunch in.

After lunch time, orienteering was the main challenge of the afternoon. The children had to work in pairs to orientate their detailed maps of school and the church grounds and locate 26 control points. This proved really challenging but most teams completed all 26 and came back absolutely covered in mud! A few more games of manhunt and camouflage in the woods completed our special day.

Well done Year 6 for working so well together, showing such amazing team work and for really embracing the outdoor activities of the day – we adults really did have as much fun as you did!

Year 6 lead the Welcome Prayer and Liturgy

On Friday 9th October, Year 6 led our school’s first virtual Prayer and Liturgy. All classes watched our pre recorded video where we led a Welcome Assembly and Prayer and Liturgy on ‘New Beginnings’. The children did a brilliant job – they spoke clearly and the message behind what they were saying was very powerful. We all have new beginnings this year and we will all face difficult challenges moving up a year in school, but the Gospel Readings we heard showed us that God is there to offer us hope and support when things are difficult. We have fantastic friends, loving families, caring teachers and God in our hearts so nothing should stop us making the most of our new beginnings in school this year. We also took the opportunity to welcome our new children and staff additions to our Willows family by reading out their names and showing a picture on our PowerPoint before clapping them in our respective classrooms. Well done Year 6, we are all very proud of your efforts leading our Prayer and Liturgy.

Fun with a sum!

We have been very busy developing our understanding of written calculations in Year 6, and what better way to learn than playing games against your friends. The children have played lots of Maths games like code crackers, connect 4, diamond mining and more. This has allowed them to have lots of practice applying their knowledge while in a fun, social environment.

Break time shelter building

The children have been desperate for me to share their latest creation at break time so they can show their friends and families. Here it is….. their latest team collaboration! It has been so lovely seeing the children working together and showing such team work, positivity and kindness towards each other. Well done Year 6’s, keep this up and you will be experts at shelter building ready for our topic next half term.

Meeting our Reception Buddies

Today we finally met our Reception Buddies – the day we have all been waiting for! Obviously, with the current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines in place, this year we have had to socially distance while meeting out Reception Buddies but this did not stop us! We met them out on the Key Stage 2 playground and had a distanced chat about how school has gone so far and introducing ourselves. The Year 6 children then stayed to watch the Receptions during their Music / Dance lesson; they loved seeing them play and have fun with their new friends. This week, the Year 6 children have written a letter to their new Buddy which will be sent home for their parents to see via Seesaw. The letters have outlined what they are looking forward to in their new role as a Buddy and offered words of welcome and reassurance. I am sure your new Buddies and their parents will absolutely love this thoughtful gesture, well done Year 6!

Year 6 Positions of Responsibility Around School

The Year 6 positions of responsibility have now been decided and congratulations to those lucky few selected. Voting for Head Boy, Head Girl and other positions of responsibility around school this year have been a little different. The Year 6 children all had their speeches recorded, which was played to all children from Year 1 to 6. Votes were then confidentially cast for each child and each member of staff before finding our successful candidates. The Year 6 positions of responsibility are as follows:

Head Boy = Isaac
Head Girl = Evie
Deputy Head Boys = Finley and Jack
Deputy Head Girls = Bella and Sophie
Head Altar Server = Bridget
Head Buddy = Chloe
St Theresa’s House Captain = Olivia
St Cecilia’s House Captain = Thomas
St Joseph’s House Captain = Isabella
St John’s House Captain = Joshua

It must be said that every member of staff commented on how well all of the Year 6 children did with their speeches and how every single child could have been entrusted with one of these roles. We are all immensely proud of the children for their effort with their speeches and the fine young people they are becoming. While not every child has one of the roles mentioned above, every Year 6 child has an important responsibility to be a role model around school, has a monitor job within class and most importantly of all will be a Reception Buddy. Well done again to everyone for your amazing effort!

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Headteacher: Mrs S. Barnett | Victoria Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2BT
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